Normal verification process comes with its own limitations and is also full of human errors. Traditional verification processes may not catch a candidate’s hidden information. The situation is not good because if we just consider the USA, over 60 percent of job candidates do not hesitate to lie on their CVs to get a job. But what is the reason for this massive number ? It is because around 48 percent of HR professionals are unable to validate the credentials due to scarce resources and time.

However, we can rectify this issue through Blockchain. You can leverage it to make the employee background verification process faster, more accessible, swifter, and reliable for all the stakeholders.

Blockchain Ensured Certificate

When a regular educational or professional certificate is saved in a public Blockchain solution; it is called a Blockchain ensured certificate. After the certificate is uploaded in the public blockchain, an OTP is generated to its owner for verification. Once the validation is complete, the certificate is transferred automatically to the blockchain; where it stays tamper proof and available round the clock.

You can gain access to the certificates at any point in time. All you have to do is just request the Blockchain entry to view any document. After the request is made, the digital certificate is sent on your email along with all the information including credentials and transaction information.

Anyone can use Blockchain-Enabled Verification Process

  • Freelancers and regular job seekers can leverage the platform to provide proof of documents
  • Businesses can verify credentials within a few hours without contacting anyone
  • Educational institutions can use the blockchain platform to issue or manage tamper-proof documents
  • You can also avoid bias by hiding information of verifying party

What is in Store for Job Aspirants?

Job aspirants can bank on their blockchain verified certificates to apply for jobs in any geography. A Blockchain-verified resume will have more credibility among hundreds of other job applications. Simply, it can enhance your prospects to get a job. It also enables the hiring team to easily sort down eligible applicants.

On top of all things, it ensures increased transparency in the hiring process and encourages real competition.

Contactless Verification

Due to COVID-19 social distancing has become the norm and businesses are running online. Blockchain technology can help organizations to execute background verification in a safer manner. Blockchain-enabled background verification will allow organizations to hire and verify employees remotely without any apprehensions. You have to just login in a public Blockchain to verify all the data. 

Future of Blockchain-Ensured Certificates?

Work from home has become the new normal. Gig economy is poised to grow in the upcoming years. Employees will have more than one job along with diverse expertise and experiences. Physically validating all the employee information is going to become unviable for businesses in the long run. A Blockchain-enabled verification can help businesses to execute remote validation reliably.

In Summary

More and more businesses will leverage Blockchain solutions for employee background validation in the future. It is more reliable, feasible, and affordable. It will also allows businesses to hire candidates from any part of the world and from diverse domains.

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